Background Music Service

Background Music Service “I Love this Bar!” is not only the name of a song, but it is a phrase spoken by many who find what they want in their local watering hole.  Although that includes having the brands of drinks they seek and the type of people whom they […]

Background Music Service

Background Music Service Provider

StoreStreams provides in-store retail background music service for restaurants, bars retail outlets, and hotels. Background Music Service plans starting at $20.00 a month. The StoreStreams music service plays both today and yesterday’s hits and is scalable to meet the needs of any size retail operation. Visit StoreStreams at for more information.

Background Music Service

Background Music Service A New York Style Pizza place with by the slice to go service with a limited sit down area has different music needs than a sit down Chicago style pizza parlor with pies that take 40 minutes to cook.  Then, what about a mom and pop pizza […]

Background Music Service

Business Music Streaming Service

Business Music Streaming Service for Retailers We do not have to tell you that retail environments are different!   Studies have shown going back over 50 years that the time each customer spends in store directly correlates to how much they spend on your products.  Creating the perfect environment for your […]

Retail Business Music Service

Retail Business Music Service When you walk in to a retail store, you expect certain things.  A clean well kept environment, proper temperature, well lit, a great selection of what you seek, and  friendly courteous salespeople are all the basics most expect.  Often one of the most effective tools for […]

Business Music Service for Retailers

StoreStreams Business Music Service For Retailers The StoreStreams business music service offers a complete solution for retailers that are in need of a background music service for their retail store environment. StoreStreams plays today and yesterday hit music of artist you know and love. The StoreStreams music business service offers […]