StoreStreams Messages On Hold

On Hold Music and Messages On Hold

On Hold Music Have you at any point asked yourself why you hear on hold music or messages while you’re on hold? The simple reason is to give customers something to tune in to while they’re on hold waiting. In most circumstances waiting music and messages on hold were intentionally […]

StoreStreams Streaming Music Service For Business

Streaming Music Service For Business The StoreStreams streaming music service for business offers a complete solution for restaurants, bars, hotels and retailers of all sizes that are in need of a background music service at their place of business. StoreStreams streaming music solutions are tailored to create that perfect ambiance […]

StoreStreams Streaming Music Service For Business

Music Streaming For Business

StoreStreams Music Streaming For Business StoreStreams offers affordable music streaming for business services designed  for business use. StoreStreams offers licensed music and messaging for bakeries, music for breweries, music for hotels, music for retailers, music for casinos, in-store music for auto dealerships, music for Airports and convention centers. StoreStreams offers the […]

Background Music For Business

Affordable Background Music For Businesses Set the tone of your business & elevate your customer experience with an affordable background music for business service plan from StoreStreams. StoreStreams offers a feature rich business music service that is simple to use and easily priced. StoreStreams designed its  streaming music services for […]

Stream Music For Business With StoreStreams

The ins and outs of streaming music for business

Streaming Music For Business In this article we will discuss the ins and outs of streaming music for business in hopes that we shed some light on how music licensing works in a commercial public space. Most retailers know that playing the appropriate music at their place of business is […]

Visit Inter-M and StoreStreams at InfoComm 2018 to discover new audio solutions for your business!

Come See Inter-M and StoreStreams at InfoComm 2018 In Las Vegas June 6th-8th! Inter-M and StoreStreams will be showcasing a turnkey integrated product suite for commercial background music service installers. Inter-M  manufactures amplifiers, commercial speakers and distributed network audio products.  The Company is introducing its standalone, robust, affordable IP based internet radio receiver […]

StoreStreams Infocom 2018

Internet Radio Receiver For Business Background Music

Internet Radio Receiver from Inter-M Featuring StoreStreams (ASP-100) The ASP-100 manufactured by Inter-M is a commercial grade internet radio receiver used for business applications for background music services like StoreStreams . The ASP-100 is the ideal internet radio receiver for your business music system environment. The ASP-100 can be purchased with […]

ASP-100 Internet Radio Receiver

Business Music Streaming Service for Retailers

Why Retail is Different We do not have to tell you that retail environments are different!   Studies have shown going back over 50 years that the time each customer spends in store directly correlates to how much they spend on your products.  Creating the perfect environment for your customer experience […]